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Nature Leaf Papaya Skin Whitening Face Wash 200ml


Lemon Handmade Soap
Lemon Handmade Soap

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Perfection and Purity never comes easy so we put so We have put our soul , expertise and hard work in it to make sure you be our loyal customer and we be your loved skin care company forever .We would love to elaborate why this product is so special for you . Nature Leaf Papaya Skin Lightening Face Wash made from traditional natural ingredients known for their Skin Brightening , Anti Wrinkle , Anti-Pigmentation ,Anti-Acne & Pimple , Oil Control properties. It Help to rejuvenate Face . Reveals beautiful skin, bright and radiant complexion with Papaya Extract & Vitamin C. This face wash Rich in antioxidants reduces the appearance of wrinkles & Fine line , dark spots, and pigmentation. Get clearer, even-toned, and younger-looking skin with regular use. This face wash aims to remove black spots and pigmentation on the skin by lightening the mark and healing the skin from inside with a freshness feeling. KEY INGREDIENTS BENEFIT: PAPAYA EXTRACT : Clears Blemishes & Pigmentation- Reduces Wrinkles- Makes face lighter in tone -Controls Acne Breakout-Skin Extoller – Natural bleach in Papaya Extract help in lightening your skin complexion – Oil Control VITAMIN C : Enriched with Vitamin C s collagen production – Give youthful and plump skin -Brighten up complexion -Protect against Sun damage skin -Fade Hyperpigmentation – Even skin tone – Maintain and repair damaged skin and cartilage-reduce blemish –add shine & glow. VITAMIN E: High Anti-Oxidants – Remove impurity – Increase skin elasticity – Reduce dark spot – Nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radical-Increase firmness and structure of skin –Prevent ageing and wrinkles .-Reduce blemish – Enhance Glow & Shin. Nature Leaf products are suitable to all skin type as our experts knowing indian skin type .Nature Leaf products ingredients are purely herbals with no chemical , Paraben used . Our products are suitable to all skin type as our skin care products are pure herbal.

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