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Nature Leaf Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner 300ml


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Nature leaf Moroccan argan hair conditioner keratin & argan oil conditioner is created to smoothen and condition hair with minimal effort. Regardless of your hair type and condition, whether it is dry or normal, colour-treated or natural, you are eligible for using this fabulous smooth therapy conditioner. High concentration of premium quality ingredients leave your hair with that stunning straight, smooth, glossy, thick, bouncy appearance that you normally attain after an expensive salon treatment. Hydrolysed keratin protein and argan oil are the key conditioning, smoothening and strengthening ingredients in the conditioner. Keratin protein for smooth & strong hair our hair loses its resilience when keratin, the most abundant protein in the hair shafts, is damaged or destroyed. This conditioner helps restore the keratin balance of your hair. It helps hair regain its strength and porosity by filling the microscopic gaps in the hair structure, hydrolysed keratin infused in the conditioner gives your hair a smooth and glossy appearance. Natural oils for conditioning hair moisturizing agents obtained from natural sources are safe and best for your hair health novel hair conditioning formula is a fusion of nature’s best hair hydrating oils including argan oil, wheatgerm oil, golden jojoba oil and sweet almond oil your dry hair receives intense hydration and stays deeply moisturized. The natural cold-pressed oils rich in nutrients provide superior nourishment, thereby supporting hair growth and reducing thinning of hair.

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